Hello world!

D’Ad life is stolen. It was on a piece of masking tape attached to some apparatus my father wanted to ensure wasn’t misplaced or misallocated into someone else’s belongings during the chaos that is beach week.

It’s pretty good, so unbeknownst to him, it has become communal property. The obvious play is on “dad.” Less apparent, and the reason it’s clever enough to be worthy of appropriation is that our family name is D’Addamio.

That damn apostrophe. It has the potential to wreak havoc on both computer systems and people trying to figure out how to “pronounce” it with equal effect. Dah-dah-me-oh. Let the circus of puns ensue.

My major in college was Design and with the rise of social media, personal brand became a thing. A real thing real people are supposed to actually dedicate mental cycles on. That damn apostrophe just trips everyone up. Sean Alan (my middle name) is far less of a tongue twister, so here we are. You’re welcome.

A few months ago, my old website was overrun by barbarians. It was a portfolio site to showcase past work, thought leadership in strategic Digital Marketing for small companies, and generate leads for the web design business I was running at the time.

At the corner of mainstream avenue and dreams lane, fluctuations in monthly income became too much and I started looking for a full-time job. Mainstream avenue took me further, faster than I could have dreamed, and brought me to several roles at a company I am so proud to work for.

Right now, I’m not sure what this site will become. The current plan is pretty simple—write about my life and interests. It is not written with a target audience in mind, to get clicks, or become anything other than more fully myself.

One thing I will guarantee is authenticity.