Twelve Benefits of Email Marketing

There are a number of benefits to sending timely messages at regular intervals. Having a captive audience is key… Keep in mind that every single person on your list has requested to hear from you. A survey done in 2011 shows that email is one of the strongest channels for the majority of small and medium sized businesses. Email Marketing remains an important channel of direct communication that should be included in any marketing plan.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, email will account for $67.8 billion in sales in 2012

Source: The Magill Report

Twelve Benefits of Email Marketing

  1. Save time and money compared to direct mail and telemarketing
  2. Communicate directly with people who want to hear from you
  3. Inform people about upcoming sales or offer exclusive discounts
  4. It’s permission based – people have to opt-in and can remove themselves at will
  5. Cross-promote other marketing efforts, products and services
  6. Announce upcoming events, sales, new products or services
  7. Gain word of mouth from subscribers recommending, sharing and forwarding your messages to their friends
  8. Encourage more engagement on social media channels
  9. Send targeted messages to segments of your mailing list
  10. ROI is over $46 for every dollar spent
  11. Far better ability to track user behavior and responses
  12. Test different layouts, color schemes, fonts etc. to see which garners higher open, read and click through rates.

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