Tucson Stormwater

Only Rain in the Drain! Tucson Stormwater is an educational website that teaches middle school students about storm patterns in the American Southwest, rainwater runoff and the pollutants it can carry as well as how to be safe around the city washes that can become filled with swiftly running water in a matter of seconds. It’s a fun site even for adults and has been a valuable resource for teachers throughout Southern Arizona.


  • Custom Website
  • Flash Programming

The coolest part of this site was done in collaboration with Atomic Sight & Sound. They put together a series of animations for the different types of storm seasons in Tucson – summer and winter. Students are guided through a series of exercises to calculate the amount of water that can be captured and diverted by the roof of an average sized house. At the end, landscape and rain harvesting features are placed by students to see how much water their families could save.