The Two Main Challenges of Internet Marketing

There are two primary challenges of Internet Marketing. The first is getting your site to show up in search results when someone types in phrases relevant to whatever it is you provide to your customers, audience and shareholders.

Once people have clicked through to your site the second obstacle to overcome is generating conversions — in other words, actionable, qualified leads for sales to follow up on.

Search Engine Visibility

From the design of your website to its structure and content, being found in search results is paramount. Depending on how competitive your market is, most of that can happen through organic (non-paid) search. In fact:

Paid ads are only clicked about 12% of the time.
Organic search accounts for the remaining 88%.

With this in mind 80-100% of your efforts should go towards ranking higher in organic search results. The good news is that one-time optimization is relatively inexpensive and typically has the highest return on investment.

Converting Website Visitors into Leads

The second major strategic consideration is how your site is going to generate conversions. Converting a website visitor into a lead is the name of the game and can be accomplished in myriad ways such as:

  • Newsletter sign ups
  • Offering exclusive content that people give their name and email to download
  • Access to discounts and other special offers
  • Form to request a demo, sample or quote
  • Webinars and presentations
  • The contact form we’re all familiar with

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It is very important to develop a strategy that works for your business, budget and audience. Internet Marketing is not a one shot deal. Rather, it is an ongoing effort to keep a pulse on the changing needs of your customers so you can be more responsive and proactive to meet those needs before the competition.

There is quite a bit that can be accomplished with a minimum investment of your business’ financial resources. While some efforts might require time for design, development and testing, once set up and put to effective use, these systems will generally pay for themselves within several months. The best part is that all of these efforts can be measured and allow you to make changes based on information instead of opinions.

To ensure the highest possibility for success and maximum ROI, it is vital to start thinking of your website as a sales and marketing tool instead of a brochure. Sean Alan can help you get better results by driving traffic, increasing conversion rates and generating leads.