Results Driven Website Design Process

Our in-depth process for website design has been forged through fourteen years of experience on projects ranging from simple five pagers to database driven web and Flash applications. We keep up with industry leaders, adapt to current best practices and leverage some of the latest web technologies.

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While every step is not always required our results driven process includes:

  1. Strategy: A good strategy accounts for the needs of the organization as well as its customers and defines how the site meets the needs of those unique groups. For new sites Search Engine Marketing should be considered before a single line of copy or code is written.
  2. Scope: Describes the features and functionality – what the site actually does for the person using it. This phase defines how goals set in the Strategy phase will be accomplished.
  3. Structure: The architecture of the site and page relationships most commonly in the form of a site map.
  4. Skeleton: Wireframes are created to arrange site elements in the most impactful and efficient manner. The skeleton phase shows the placement of text blocks, logo, images, buttons and navigational elements.
  5. Surface: The visual look and feel of the site – layout, color palettes, fonts, images etc.
  6. Develop: Once the visual design is approved, development can begin. By going through the previous phases we know exactly what is being built. This is very efficient, saving you time and money.
  7. Deploy: The final step is to move the site from development onto the domain or ‘live’ area where the site will be accessible to the public.