Powering Our Future Website

Powering Our Future offers resources to educators who are teaching about renewable energy (solar, wind and hydro power) that adhere to Arizona Department of Education standards. Sponsored by SRP Power & Water, all of the materials and booklets were produced by the Environmental Education Exchange.


  • Graphic & Interface Design
  • PHP Programming
  • Handcoded HTML/CSS
  • Javascript Programming

The site was originally developed by Sean in Flash while working for Imagine Internet in 2004. With the advent of the iPhone and iPad and their lack of support for Flash, the site needed to be redone to ensure it would be accessible on those devices. Sean Alan was able to use the existing PHP/MySQL back end and a standards based front end was developed using HTML and CSS. To retain the dynamic nature of the original site, jQuery was used for interface elements, animations, transitions and to dynamically update the menus and content areas using AJAX.