Lead Generation

If there is one thing we could tell you that would change your entire perspective about what the website should be doing for your company it would be this:

Online Lead Generation is the single most important aspect of your entire online marketing strategy

We can’t emphasize this enough… online lead generation is the name of the game. If your current site isn’t bringing in new customers, providing better service to existing ones, nurturing leads and repeat business, offering a free download or demo – in exchange for names and emails – it isn’t really doing anything at all!

The following services are specifically designed to actually start generating actionable, qualified leads for your business:

Make Your Site a Machine for Online Lead Generation!

Okay, someone in my area searched for a service I provide and they clicked through to my site. Now what? Convert that anonymous visitor into a qualified lead.

Link Building

Inbound links – also called backlinks – are links to your site from other sites which helps increase brand exposure, direct and indirect traffic and leads as well as improve search engine rankings.

Landing Pages

Create simple pages that are focused on completing one specific task and can easily be used to track email and online ad campaigns.

While the overall strategy might not vary much, there is not a single, formulaic way to go about generating leads that will work the same way for every company. The important thing is to begin asking how your site can work for you. Then come up with a plan, implement it, measure the results and adjust as necessary to ultimately reach whatever goals you set out.

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Since Lead Generation is the goal that overshadows all other aspects of Internet Marketing, it is intricately tied in with other initiatives like on-site optimizationsocial media and email marketing. In fact, the end goal of all these efforts point back to lead generation. Yes, you want to make sure your site is easy to navigate, post to Facebook on a regular basis and send out informative newsletters with special offers. However, at the end of the day, all of those things are meant to get people interested in what you do, to your site or store and becoming customers.

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