Internet Marketing

What is Internet Marketing?

Is it making sure you rank highly in search engine results? Does it mean the way you capture leads? Adding links to your site on social networks and directories such as Yelp, Google+, Digg and Reddit? Perhaps sending weekly emails to your existing customers? Is it getting people to like you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter? Should you track visitors to analyze conversion rates and other metrics that can be used to measure return on investment? The short answer is — yes!

Developing an Internet Marketing Strategy that covers as many bases as possible is essential to online success.

An effective Internet Marketing Strategy can include any or all of the following:

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine MarketingToday, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) plays a critical role in your site being found by potential customers. We can help you develop long-term strategies to drive traffic to your site, convert traffic to leads and leads into sales.

Website Design & Development

Web Design & DevelopmentWe strive to design visually stunning websites that, built on a WordPress foundation, also offer a wide array of features and functionality to help you reach your business goals.

User Centered Design

User Centered Design

Our approach to website development is creating elegant, feature rich interfaces that facilitate the completion of specific tasks that ultimately result in new leads for your business.

Social Media

Social MediaHas quickly become one of the keys to a successful online presence. We’ll help you determine goals and objectives, gain followers and fans, measure results, then analyze, adapt and improve.

Email Marketing

Email MarketingBuild stronger relationships with your existing customers by sending them special offers and discounts, upcoming events and other important information related to your business or industry.