Awesome Features for WordPress Websites

Our standard website packages give you a base to start from and can be customized to fit your needs. In order to really take advantage of WordPress as a marketing and publishing platform, you’ll want to add advanced features. Here are some of the tools our clients ask for the most:

Shopping Carts & E-Commerce

From simple PayPal buttons to fully branded storefronts we can help you start selling online! Most of our customers have found these popular third-party shopping carts to have the best combination of features, usability and price: 3D Cart, OS Commerce, PrestaShop, Google Checkout, Cart 66 and PayPal Payments Pro. Pricing varies and depends mainly on the number of products, the level of customization and other requirements (such as shipping) that are influenced by your business operations. Whether you have three three products or three hundred, we’ll find a solution that fits your needs!
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Newsletter Subscriptions

Users sign up to receive periodic email marketing from you. Includes setup, import existing contact list with client provided Excel or CSV file, and a custom sign up form to match the look and feel of your site.

Email Marketing

Once you have a mailing list, you’ll want to send out messages to subscribers. We’ll create a custom, branded template that you can use to send special offers and discounts, upcoming events or your most recent blog posts. A simple drag and drop interface allows you to create your layout, titles and content areas. Add images, links and lists using a simple editor. Then preview, test and send! Requires the Newsletter Subscriptions feature.
FREE – Use one of the pre-existing templates and start creating your own newsletter in minutes!
$129 – Custom template.
$99 – Give us your content and we’ll create a newsletter, send a preview for approval then mail it to your subscribers. Custom template required.

Social Media Sharing

Add a widget to your pages and blog posts that allows visitors to share your content with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn as well as social bookmarking sites such as Stumble Upon, Reddit and Digg.

Advanced Forms & Lead Generation

Go beyond a basic contact form that just emails you and start building lists of customers for future marketing efforts. Break your form into sections to increase completion rates, use conditional logic to make your form respond to user input, schedule an expiration date or limit the number of entries.. the possibilities are endless! Form entries are stored and can be imported to a mailing list. When people subscribe or sign up for something, sending a friendly follow up several days later is a nice touch.
$199 – Install and configure Advanced Forms, create one custom form to your specs, set up auto-responses with your content and test to make sure it works in Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo! and SmarterMail.

Event Calendar

Fully customizable layout with tons of options. Standard installation includes Calendar setup, a customized widget added to the site, a customized events listing page, Google maps and unlimited events, categories and tags. Advanced features include recurring events and an advanced booking/ticketing module. We’ll get you started by entering up to five events and show you how to manage the calendar with one hour of training.
Bronze $399 – Standard installation.
Silver $599 – Standard installation plus recurring events.
Gold $999 – Standard installation plus recurring events and the ticketing and booking module.

Surveys and Polling

Want to know what your customers think of your last eblast, newest product line or this year’s big company party? All you have to do is ask! Surveys and polls are a great way to open a direct line of communication with your customers. Gain valuable insight into what they want, what you’re doing well and what could be improved. Includes Surveys & Poll installation, a sample 5 question poll or survey, a sample results pages and two hours of training.

Photo Galleries

Advanced galleries are essential if your site needs to organize and manage a large number of images. Ideal for photographers, designers and architects to showcase their work. Includes Gallery setup, customized gallery page, twenty images uploaded, titled and tagged in up to three distinct galleries. Also includes one hour of training.

Streaming Video

Video is one of the best ways to engage your audience and can be embedded on your site or imported from services such as YouTube and Vimeo. Create instructional and educational content that is valuable to your audience, promote upcoming sales and events, post existing television spots or simply create a brief welcome message on your home page.
$79 – Video player setup (on-site or remote).
$99 – We’ll upload, tag and test five videos for you.

Enhanced Security & Monitoring

In and of itself WordPress is fairly secure. We also take further preventative measures to fortify your site against spam and other potential online threats. Additional security monitoring software can be added that will alert us of any issues. If you are planning to transmit or store sensitive user data, process credit cards or just want extra peace of mind, you’ll want to use HTTPS.
$79 – Install and configure Website Defender
$99 / year – SSL Certificate
$199 – Install SSL Certificate and configure website. Requires an SSL Certificate.